Central Oregon Community Resources


Where can I go? - - Who should I call?



Use pages 11 and 12 of your Community Resource Book to write down the name of the category where you would need to look to get help for each situation below:


Dental needs  ______________                     Resources for the deaf _________________

Death of a loved one ___________               GED classes ________________

Teenage programs ______________              Car safety seats _______________

Stop smoking ________________                 Parenting classes ______________               

Prenatal services ________________             Grandparent information _____________



Write the answer to each question and include the page number.  Be sure to skim the description to make sure that the agency you write down provides the actual service in the question.  Using number one as an example, not all agencies listed under Employment actually provide training.


  1. Michelle is looking for a job, but she would like to take a job training course.  Where can she go?



  1. Joseís daughter is almost 4 years old.  He wants to find a good preschool with transportation.  Who should he call?



  1. Liís car is broken down and she needs a ride to class next week.  She needs information about bus service.  Who should she call?



  1. Julia just had a baby and needs to find insurance for him.  What are her options?




  1. Juan wants to find out if he qualifies for food stamps.  Who can he call?



  1. Lydia needs to take her son for immunizations.  Where can she go?




  1. Itís time for Annís annual womenís exam and she would like information about family planning.  What are the names of two places in Bend that she can go?
  2. Lisaís husband is physically abusing her.  She has 2 young children and doesnít work.  Where can she go to get the support she needs?



  1. Hans is having legal problems and needs some legal help.  Who should he call?



  1. Mary needs to find reliable child care.  Who can she call?



  1. Itís winter and very cold outside.  Mario is having problems paying the high heating bills.  Who can he call to get help paying his bills?



  1. Jane is worried because her brother drinks too alcohol every day.  She wants to find a program that helps alcoholics.  Where should she call, both for help for her brother and help for herself?




  1. Leah feels depressed and tired most of the time.  Where can she get mental health services?



  1. John would like to help out in the community.  He enjoys reading to children.  Whatís the name of a program that matches volunteers with school.



  1. Lisa is worried that her teenage daughter has anorexia.  She needs to find out where she can get information and treatment for eating disorders.  Who should she call?





Discuss these questions in a small group:


1.  What did you already know about community resources before doing this activity?

2.  What did you from learn it?

3.  Do you know of similar services in your home country?  How do the services compare?

4.  What role do you think the government should play in financing these types of services?

5.  Are there any services you discovered today that you are interested in pursuing?  If so, which ones?

6.  Are there any services you didnít find today that you would like to know about?