Oregon EL Civics

Crossroads Café  


Episode 1 - Opening Day
Themes:  employment and job interviews

Episode 2 - Growing Pains
Themes:  family issues, school, immigrant adjustment to US

Episode 3 - Worlds Apart
Themes:  making choices, setting goals, roles of men & women, US immigration over time

Episode 4 - Who's the Boss?
Themes:  employment, career changes

Episode 5 - Lost and Found
Themes:  home, neighborhood safety

Episode 6 - Time Is Money
Theme:  attitudes toward time

Episode 7 - Fish Out of Water
Theme:  adjusting to a new culture

Episode 8 - Family Matters
Themes:  family issues, single parenting

Episode 9 - Rush to Judgment
Themes:  police, maps and directions

Episode 10 - Let the Buyer Beware
Theme:  consumer scams

Episode 11 - No Vacancy
Themes:  housing rentals, discrimination

Episode 12 - Turning Points
Themes:  driving, police and crime

Episode 13 - Trading Places
Themes:  job duties, roles in marriage

Episode 14 - Life Goes On
Themes:  medical, hospital

Episode 15 - Breaking Away
Themes:  dating, intercultural relationships, discrimination

Episode 16 - The Bottom Line
Themes:  banking, finances

Episode 17 - United We Stand
Themes:  tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities, aging in the US

Episode 18 - Opportunity Knocks
Theme:  employer and worker protection and benefits

Episode 19 - The People's Choice
Themes:  political campaigns, elections and government, utility bills

Episode 20 - Outside Looking In
Themes:  business, class differences, raising children

Episode 21 - Walls and Bridges
Themes:  public schools and cultural differences in schooling, citizenship process and exam

Episode 22 - Helping Hands
Themes:  employment, financial pressures, helping those less fortunate

Episode 23 - The Gift
Themes:  mending family relationships, taxes

Episode 24 - All's Well That Ends Well
Theme:  weddings and wedding customs

Episode 25 - Comings and Goings
Themes:  pursuing goals, returning to your native culture

Episode 26 - Winds of Change
Themes:  education, achieving goals, giving in return


Episode 20

Learning to Use On Line Dictionaries

 Episode 21

Work Study Programs in Colleges and Universities

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Communicating with Public Schools Regarding Children’s Problems

Public School and College Report Card Literacy