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For those of you that were at the study circle at Silver Falls, or if you’re interested in documentation of the research that Larry Condelli and Heidi Spruck-Wrigley have done on what’s working in teaching ESL, Attached are a couple of reports (sending a 2nd message w/ other one) that were sent our in preparation for a discussion on the National Institute for Literacy’s discussion list. We read about this study during the study circle on authentic contexts. You might want to check the archives of the discussion list to see what the researchers and participants have been discussing this past week or so. The link to the archives is: http://www.nifl.gov/pipermail/specialtopics/2007/date.html


Secondly, I mentioned some training resources on the NCSALL Web site. 

For the half-day seminars: http://www.ncsall.net/?id=874

For the web-based self-studies: http://www.ncsall.net/?id=799

For the study circle guide we used: http://www.ncsall.net/?id=897

I’d love to hear if you use these materials with other staff and how they worked.


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