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Web Conferencing



What is web conferencing? 

Using your computer to share and view the same information with others who are not in the same location as you. This gives you the ability to have a meeting without ever leaving your office or home. Please email if you need further information about Web Conferencing.


Comparison: NetMeeting - LiveProof

Features NetMeeting LiveProof
Setup Requires more set up & configuration than LiveProof None required
Cost Free from Microsoft Monthly membership for the Host $40.00
Training Little required -- typical Microsoft application Requires training specific to the application
Speed Can be slow on modem connections but runs well Does not Host well on a modem but participants can use a modem for access
Requirements Less high end equipment is required for this method Works well on any machine as a participant. Hosting requires a higher end machine.
Network System Peer to peer that allows more flexibility for users. Applications and documents can be viewed from both host and participant computer. Server/Client - Host has most of the control and but reverse sharing is now available.
Audio Point to point only two users at one time can talk, quality is very good Multi-point function in the future
Video Two way video None
Accessibility Can be accessed through other Microsoft products: MSN, Microsoft Word and other products Can only be accessed through the LiveProof web site
Compatibility PC Based only PC and Apple possible
Number of participants Up to 8 connections Up to 30 connections

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When to Use NetMeeting or LiveProof

Situation: NetMeeting LiveProof
Less than 8 connections X X
More than 8 connections up to 30   X
One on one Training using audio feature X  
One on one training using the telephone for audio X X
Slow connections & older equipment X  
Meetings that require both the host and participants share their desktops. X X
Software troubleshooting to remote sites X X
Software training to over 8 sites   X
One to many training or presentation with a LCD projector for display X X
One to one document sharing X X
Apple System use in the meeting   X

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Please note both methods work best when the audio is provided by a telephone conference call.



About NetMeeting

NetMeeting is a conferencing software package that is free from Microsoft. Many times it is already installed on your computer when purchased. It is an excellent method to collaborate with peers and team members. Please investigate this package and contact NW LINCS if you have questions on how to install or use this package. The package can save your program many dollars in phone charges and travel expenses. 


What NetMeeting Offers:



Video & Audio Conferencing

  • Share ideas, information, and applications using video or audio.

  • Send video and audio to a user who doesn’t have video hardware.  

  • Use a video camera to instantly view items, such as hardware devices, that are displayed in front of the lens.


  • Review, create, and update graphic information.

  • Manipulate contents by clicking, dragging, and dropping information on the whiteboard with the mouse.

  • Cut, copy and paste information from any Windows-based application into the Whiteboard. 

  • Use different-colored pointers to easily differentiate participants' comments.

  • Save the Whiteboard contents for future reference.

  • Load saved Whiteboard pages, enabling you to prepare information before a conference, then drag and drop it into the Whiteboard during a meeting.

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Text Chat

  • Type text messages to communicate with other people during a conference.

  • "Chat" with one person or a group of people across multiple computers.

  • Use "Whisper" mode to send private messages with another person during a group Chat session.


File Transfer

  • Send a file in the background to conference participants.

  • Send the file to everyone in the conference, or to one or more selected participants.

  • Accept or reject transferred files

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Share Programs

  • View shared programs in a frame, which makes it easy to distinguish between shared and local applications on your desktop.

  • Approve conference participants' requests to work in the program you introduce.

  • Allow or prevent others from working in a program using the Sharing dialog box.  

  • Minimize the shared program frame and do other work if you do not need to work in the current conference program.

About LiveProof



  • Give any presentation to anyone, anywhere

  • Demonstrate software, live

  • Allow anyone in the meeting to view or edit any document electronically

  • Share any application on your system

  • Use our remote control feature to provide support on the web

  • Take meeting participants on a web tour.

  • Add video to personalize your meeting (This has limitations, for true video use NetMeeting)

  • Just share your document now without having to export your document to another electronic format.

  • Forget faxing, pdf and email. Liveproof Meeting gives anyone real-time access to your document. If you make a change, your guest(s) see it immediately.

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You have the ability to web conference with NetMeeting right now.

That’s right, right now sitting on your desktop is a program called NetMeeting. It is fast becoming the web conference tool of many corporations and training institutions. If you are connected to the Internet, you can web conference with this software package. It offers:

    1. Text chat
    2. Audio exchange
    3. Video viewing
    4. Document Sharing
    5. Application Sharing

It is very easy to set up and use. Once you have practiced for a bit, you will have visions of connecting to students to give them direction.

You must have a sound card and microphone to use NetMeeting to its fullest potential. Please check system requirements on the NetMeeting Site below.

How do you get started? First check in the Accessories Start menu to see if it has been installed. Microsoft is not consistent as to where they place this application, it may be found on Programs or with the Internet Explorer menu. If not ask the computer department if they would install it or if you are the computer department install it from the Windows 95,98 or ME set up disk.

To install read the Windows Help section on the Start up menu. There are many variations of where to find this application. Each Windows package has it located in a different module.

To read more about NetMeeting click here.

Setting up NetMeeting

  1. The first time you open NetMeeting after installing there is a wizard that will walk you through the setup procedure.
  2. You will be asked the following questions:
    1. Email address
    2. Name, City, Address
    3. If you wish to have your name published on the directory(most prefer not)
    4. Once you are in the program go to the Call menu selection
    5. Select Directory
    6. This will bring up MSN.Messenger, select log onto service
    7. Once there it will ask you if you wish to create a new login or use an existing. You will create a new one.

Once you have created this you are ready to begin web conferencing. Of course, it helps if you have someone to conference with. Have someone else setup NetMeeting and explore the possibilities. You can give me a call at 360-586-3524 and I will be glad to conference with you.

If you have questions or need more information please notify the NW LINCS.

System Requirements

Requirement NetMeeting LiveProof
Computer 120 mghz

Host 500 mghz

Part. 200 mghz

Memory 32 MB

Host 128 MB

Part. 32 - 64 MB

Browser Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher Internet Explorer, NetScape
Operating System Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, Apple OS not including OS 10
Disk Space 4 MB free on the hard drive


Connection Will run on 28,800 modem with no audio, higher speeds are advised Host - Cable Modem, ISDN, DSL, LAN

Part.- at least 56,000 modem connection

Sound Card  Yes Yes
Microphone Yes Yes
Speakers Yes Yes

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