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Utah Adult Education Summer Institute


8:30 9:15

Barriers to Integration of Technology in the ABE Classroom - Lets' Talk

Overview of LINCS

System Overview 

How Can LINCS Help?

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9:15 9:30


9:30 10:15

Exploring LINCS Regional Room

Lesson Plans

Teacher Page

Student Page

Online Classroom Guides

Student Page Activities  - 5 - 9 - 17 - 25 - 27  

Explore on your own 

!0:15 10:30


10:30 11:15

Tools to Use: 

Online Resources:


The Study Place 

Hot Potatoes Half-Baked Software

Scavenger Hunts 

Web Bits

Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Lesson Plans

Using Word 

Using PowerPoint

Floppy Web Sites 

Explore on your own

11:15 11:30


11:30 12:15

Putting it all Together

Integration Of Technology


Steps for Classroom Activity

Create an Integration Activity for the Classroom

Web-Bit Worksheet

12:15 12:30

Evaluation & Feedback

Session Evaluation

Summary of Session




  • Barriers to Technology

  • Where to find resources

  • Tools for Integration of technology

  • Putting it all together - a lesson  







Steps for Activity:


  • Go to NW LINCS Teaching ToolBox

  • Select Web-Bits

  • Read the explanation of Web-Bits

  • Select an example from the list

  • Read the example

  • Using the Web-Bits worksheet, create your own Web-Bit
    (use resources found on the NW LINCS Site)

  • Open MsWord and input your Web-Bit

  • Save this Web-Bit as a web page to My Documents

  • Open the web page and view your work

Bingo you are a web master!!!!


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