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Tutorial 1 - How to Navigate the LINCS System

1. Open your Browser

2. Type in the Address Box:

3. Press enter to move to the National Institution for Literacy Home page.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the National LINCS button.

This will take you to the LINCS National home page.

Navigation of the Web site

The Links on the left-hand side of the Screen will take you to selected areas on the site. You will explore each throughout this tour of LINCS.

        The red buttons under the banner are used for special or unique features of the LINCS system. Each will take you to the page of the selected category. These buttons are found on all LINCS system pages.

        Selecting the back button on the top of the page on your Browser with return you to the previous page.

        Selecting the Home button will bring you back to the main page of the site. 

In the banner of the Home page are other links:

        In the upper left-hand corner you will find the LINCS Search button, which will allow you to search the entire LINCS site.

        Site Map in the upper right hand corner will give you a textual, linked view of the entire site.

        The Help Button offers some hints and helpful tips about using the LINCS site.

        The Home button will always return you to the home page of the site you are viewing. 

Other helpful hints:

        On most pages there is a National LINCS button on the bottom of the page. This will return you to the National LINCS Home page.

        All LINCS pages are designed to work and react in the same manner. So once you have the feel for one you will understand the other pages.

        Across the bottom of each page you will find links to the Regional Technology Centers (RTC) from across the nation. These too are designed to resemble the National page.

As this tutorial progresses a you will be asked a question and from that question the tutorial will developed.

Exploring the LINCS National Page.

1.      Select Help from the banner.

2.      Scroll through the information and acquaint yourself with LINCS navigation.

When you reach the bottom of the page-

3.      Select the National LINCS button to return to the Home page.

4.      Select Site Map from the banner.

5.      Scroll through the page to get a visual idea of what is available on this site. Each link found on the Home page is available from this page.

6.      Select Back on the Browser and return to the Home Page.

7.      Highlight and click on Calendar of Events. This takes you to a listing of literacy events happening across the U.S.

8.      Select the Back button.

9.      Scroll to the bottom of the page, on the left you will find an About LINCS button, select this button. Select any question to read about LINCS.

10.  Select LINCS Special Features. Scroll down and you will see a back to top link select this link. Read this page at your leisure.

11.  Select the Home button in the banner.

12.  Under the About LINCS button is Our Partners, select this button to read about organizations that work with LINCS. Each organization has a link to their site.

13.  Select Adult Numeracy Network, this will you move you off the LINCS site and onto the Adult Numeracy site. To return to the LINCS site select the Back button on your Browser.

14.  Select Back button to return to the LINCS Home Page

This should give you an idea of the navigation of this and other LINCS sites. Now we will move onto the real tutorial using LINCS to find answers.


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