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How to use NetMeeting


NetMeeting is a conferencing software package that is free from Microsoft. Many times it is already installed on your computer when purchased. It is an excellent method to collaborate with peers and team members. Please investigate this package and call NW LINCS if you have questions on how to install or use this package. The package can save your program many dollars in phone charges and travel expenses. 


About NetMeeting

What NetMeeting Offers:



Video & Audio Conferencing

  • Share ideas, information, and applications using video or audio.

  • Send video and audio to a user who doesn’t have video hardware.


  • Review, create, and update graphic information.

  • Manipulate contents by clicking, dragging, and dropping information on the whiteboard with the mouse.

  • Cut, copy and paste information from any Windows-based application into the Whiteboard. 

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  • Type text messages to communicate with other people during a conference.

  • "Chat" with one person or a group of people across multiple computers.

  • Use "Whisper" mode to send private messages with another person during a group Chat session.


File Transfer

  • Send a file in the background to conference participants.

  • Send the file to everyone in the conference, or to one or more selected participants.

  • Accept or reject transferred files

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Share Programs

  • View shared programs in a frame, which makes it easy to distinguish between shared and local applications on your desktop.

  • Approve conference participants' requests to work in the program you introduce.

  • Allow or prevent others from working in a program using the Sharing dialog box.

Exploring the Menus and buttons:



New Call – To place a call to a computer

Host Meeting – Set up a meeting

Log onto a Microsoft Directory – To log into Passport or MSN

Directory – Takes you to the directory

Do not disturb – allows you to be on line but marked busy

Automatically accept calls – puts NetMeeting on auto-answer so you will automatically open NetMeeting when a call comes in.

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Various settings for the NetMeeting window

Status Bar – turn off the status bar at the bottom of the NetMeeting window

Dial Pad - changes the window into a telephone dialing pad

My Video – creates a new window for your video screen

Compact- changes the NetMeeting Window to only the viewing screen

Data only – Changes the NetMeeting screen into the chat screen only

Always on Top – keeps the NetMeeting screen in view at all times.



Video – Allows you to send and receive video and control the size

Audio Tuning Wizard - allows you to set up you speakers and microphone. You can only use this feature when not in a meeting.

Sharing – Allows you to share an application with a meeting

Chat – Turns on text chat for communication with the meeting

Whiteboard – Shared space for a meeting to

File Transfer – allows member to transfer files between each other.

Remote Desk Sharing – allows one to access another computer from another site.

Options – Set up options for NetMeeting

To find your computer's IP address

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Help Topics – How to use NetMeeting

About NetMeeting – Where you will find your IP address (This is important)


On the Help menu, click About Windows NetMeeting. Your computer's IP address appears in the lower portion of the box.

How to Use NetMeeting


To place a call

  1. In the Address bar, type one of the following:

·         e-mail address

·         computer name

·         telephone number

·         IP address

  1. Click the Place Call button.


To host a meeting

  1. On the Call menu, click Host Meeting.

  2. In Meeting Name, type the meeting name or leave it set to Personal Conference.

  3. In Password, type the meeting password, and then click OK to start the meeting.

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To join a meeting

  • Call the meeting host or any meeting participant

To adjust the microphone and speaker volume


  1. Click the Adjust Audio Volume button.

  2. Move the microphone or audio slider to increase or decrease volume.


To send a message

  1. Click the Chat button to open Chat.

  2. In Message, type the message you want to send, then do one of the following:

  3. To send a message to everyone, in Send To, click Everyone In Chat.

  4. To send a message to just one person, in Send To, click the person's name.

  5. Click the Send Message button.

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To type text

  1. Click the Whiteboard button to open Whiteboard.

  2. In the Whiteboard toolbox, click the Text tool.

  3. Click the Whiteboard to display the text box, and then begin typing.


To draw a shape

  1. Click the Whiteboard button to open Whiteboard.

  2. In the Whiteboard toolbox, click one of the following shape tools:

·         Unfilled Rectangle

·         Filled Rectangle

·         Unfilled Ellipse

·         Filled Ellipse


To paste objects to the Whiteboard

  1. Click the Whiteboard button to open Whiteboard.

  2. Click on the Whiteboard then on the Edit menu, click Paste.


To share a program

  1. Click the Share Program button.

  2. In the Sharing dialog box, click the name of the program you want to share.

  3. Click Share.

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To share your computer desktop

  1. Click the Share Program button.

  2. In the Sharing dialog box, click Desktop.

  3. Click Share


To allow control of a shared program

  1. In the Sharing dialog box, click Allow Control.

  2. In the main NetMeeting window, right-click the name of a person you want to work in the program, and then click Grant Control.


To work in a program shared by someone else

On the Control menu of the shared program window, click Request Control.


To stop sharing a program

  1. Click the Share Program button.

  2. In the Sharing dialog box, click Unshare to stop sharing one program or Unshare All to stop sharing all programs.


To Transfer a file To send a file

  1. Click the Transfer Files button.

  2. In the File Transfer dialog box, click the Add File button, and select the files you want to send.

  3. Click the name of the person you want to send the file to, or click All to send it to everyone in the meeting.

  4. Click the Send All button

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Calling another computer using NetMeeting


Method 1:

  1. Sign up for a HotMail Account (Passport)

  2. Select Directory from the Call Menu and follow the prompts. 

  3. Send your email address to people you want to NetMeeting with.

  4. This sets up a  network of contacts that you can create a meeting with using HotMail as the carrier.


Method 2

The easiest way to setup and contact people is to use the IP Address found in Help under About NetMeeting. This number is as a telephone number for the Internet.


To connect with an IP Address: ( In this tutorial select one person in the room to NetMeet with)

  1. Click on the Help

  2. Click About NetMeeting – Write down your IP Address

  3. Email the person you wish to meet with asks them what their IP address is.

  4. Tell them yours.

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Make the call

1.       Select Call

2.       Select New Call

3.       Type in the IP Address


Answering a call

  1. When the NetMeeting phone rings, select Answer   call button (looks like a phone)

  2. Wait a few seconds to speak.

To Chat

1.    Select Tools and Chat

2.    A Dialog box appears

3.    Type your message in the message
       box and select send button on the right

4.    Your message appears in the top box


To Whiteboard

1.       Select Tools and Whiteboard, the Whiteboard   

2.       This screen will appear on both computers and each 
    participant can manipulate the board

3.       Select the A in the left hand button menu, click on 
    the white area of the screen, a box will appear, type 
    a message

4.       Each Participant can now add to this or change it in 
    any way.

5.       Select the pen to draw free hand

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Using Whiteboard to show screens from your computer

  1. Minimize Whiteboard

  2. Open Internet Explorer

  3. Go to the NW LINCS Home page

  4. Open the Whiteboard window

  5. Select the last button on the button menu lower right corner

  6. Click OK when it tells you the next window you click on will be pasted into the Whiteboard screen.

  7. Click on the web page

  8. The web page shows in the Whiteboard screen for all to view.


Show just a portion of the a screen

  1. Open Whiteboard

  2. Click on Select Area first button last row in button menu selection

  3. Select OK when it tells you the area you select will be pasted to the Whiteboard

  4.  A Cross will appear, select an area of the screen you wish to paste

  5. The area will appear on the Whiteboard screen for all to see

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Sharing an application

1.        Open the application and document you want to 

2.        Open Word and Create a short document. Save it as 

3.        Leave this document on the screen and minimize 

4.        Open NetMeeting.

5.        Select Tools and sharing on the menu.

6.        In the left dialog box select word.

7.        Select Share on the right.

8.        Select allow control under the dialog box.

9.        Select Close.

10.     The application should now appear on both screens

11.     You can both work on the document by sharing 

12.     To stop sharing go t the tools, sharing, and select 
    stop sharing.

13.     Save and close the Word document and application.

This feature has great potential for training across the web.


File Transfer:

To send a file

1.        Click the Transfer Files button.

2.        In the File Transfer dialog box, click the Add File 
button, and select the file you made, netmeeting.doc.

3.        Click the name of the person you want to send the file 
     to, or click All to send it to everyone in the meeting.

4.        Click the Send All button.


To receive a file

·         Click Accept to receive the file and close the dialog box.


This was short demonstration on the many functions of NetMeeting. Now play with it and see what else you can do.

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Using HotMail Passport and MSN for NetMeeting


To add HotMail contacts to MSN Messenger Service:


 In MSN Messenger Service, on the File menu, click Add a Contact, and then follow the instructions that appear.



You can make NetMeeting calls to your HotMail contacts directly from the Microsoft Internet Directory in NetMeeting and directly from MSN Messenger Service.  The people you add to your contact list must have a HotMail e-mail account.

Once you have created your personalized contact list, the names you added will be visible in the Microsoft Internet Directory when you log on to MSN Messenger Service. If you are not logged on to MSN Messenger Service, you are prompted to log on.


To call a HotMail contact from NetMeeting

  1. In NetMeeting, click the Find Someone button.

  2. In Select a directory, click Microsoft Internet Directory.

  3. Under Contacts Currently Online, click the HotMail contact that you want to call.



To place a NetMeeting call to a HotMail contact from MSN Messenger ServiceIn MSN Messenger Service, on the Tools menu, point to Send an Invitation, click To Start NetMeeting, and then do one of the following:

  1. Click a HotMail contact on the contact list.

  2. Click Other, type the logon name of the person you want to call, in Service, select the service, and then click OK.


If you are in a chat using MSN Messenger Service, and you want to start a NetMeeting call to a HotMail contact, on the File menu, point to Invite, and then click To Start NetMeeting.

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