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How To........

To set up a Communication System

To set up a Communication System with a Web Service







To set up a Communication System

First it may be asked-- why??

  1. Ability to talk to colleagues without the expense of long distance fees. (Talk computer to computer or computer to phone)

  2. Instant access to colleagues for brief questions & answers.

  3. NetMeeting connectivity through the system.
  4. Ability to send files quickly, easily and directly to colleagues.

 To begin:

 Step One

Sign up for a HotMail Account

    1. Open your web browser.
    2. Type: or click here!
    3. Select Sign up for Free Email.
    4. Remember your user id and password.

Step Two

Download MSN Messenger

1.      In your browser address text box type:

      Or click here!

2.      Follow the instruction for the download.

3.      Install the program (Follow the instructions.) 

Step Three

Setting up your MSN Communication System

  1. Log into MSN Messenger.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Add a Contact.

1.       Click "by an email address".

2.       Type in the email address of the person you wish to have in your contacts.

3.       This will bring up a message that will send an email to your contact, explaining how to set up for MSN. Select Next.

4.       Type in a message telling the contact what you are doing. Select Finished. 

Soon you will receive an email message requesting you allow this contact to be on your list. Click Accept. 

5. Continue this process until you have all the contacts for your network setup.  

To set up a Communication System using a Web Service

Search on the web  for a web service that offers virtual meetings. Search words may be but not limited to: web conferencing, virtual meetings, online meetings. 

One to look at is This service offers a 30 participant meeting place for a minimal monthly fee.


Once a service is found always research the following:

  1. How long has the service been online?

  2. What are the system requirements i.e. speed of the required connection and computer limitations, type of software required.

  3. Do they offer a free trial? This is a must!

  4. What type of support do they offer?

  5. Can the service can be used from a number of locations? As an example if you are at home and want to have a web conference can you establish a meeting from there as well as from the office?

Once you have the answers to the above, try the trial offer in as many situations as you can. After purchasing the service be prepared to train the participants for this new way of meeting.


Good luck! Email NW LINCS if you need any assistance.

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