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Technology Training
for Adult Basic Education

LINCS Coordinator
Karen K. Brees Ph.D.


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Community Fundraising Activities

The links on this page have been gathered to allow community adult education programs to investigate what other education programs are doing to help raise money for their programs. Some links are to K -12 programs who have long been struggling with funding for additional activities not covered by their normal budget. It is our hope that this page will help in some way. 

Please be sure to check the National LINCS Grant database for further funding opportunities: National LINCS Funding Database


Is community fundraising for education good or bad? 

An article from K -12 instructors that question this practice.

Education World

Fundraising for Adult Education -Seven Steps for Success

Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council

What others are doing: 

(Many K - 12 examples but may be adapted to Adult Education projects)


Labels, Box tops & UPCs

Fantastic Fund Raisers (Scroll down)

Raffles, Spelling Bees & more

Printer Cartridges

Golf, Bowling & Dinners

Big Funding Ideas!

Collectables as Fundraisers

Dinner & Cards

Fundraising Message Board and Database

Western Wyoming Community College Spelling Bee

(Samples of materials used to raise money for Adult Education in Wyoming)


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Send suggested links for this page to: Karen Brees - Email

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