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Oregon Family Literacy Program Management - Tools  


Forms for the Even Start online Database File Box Method for the Even Start Compliance Document
Even Start Intake Form In Spanish  


Forms to help collect data for Oregon's Even Start Online Database

Central Oregon Even Start has agreed to share forms they created to help collect data for Oregon's Even Start Online database. The database itself is online, however, teachers and other staff still need a paper method of tracking some of the information to guarantee consistency and completeness. This is especially helpful because many of the teachers' classrooms do not have access to technology.


Janet reports, " We have made up some forms to collect data for the ESO that we hope will streamline the process of filling out and of entering data.  

  • We will use the family/adult form, TOPS, family/adult goal form and the BEST/CASAS compilation score sheets that Shirley does  to compile data about adults and families.  The goal form is on the back of the family/adult form. 

  • We will use the child form and home visit forms to compile data for the children.

  • Two charts go along with the forms. The forms are on 8.5 x 14 inch paper.

We think this system will make it easier.  We copy the forms each quarter and add any new or changed data. If you think this would benefit any other programs we are willing to share.  Attached are the forms.  I have not made out an instruction sheet yet.


Data Chart (Word) Adult Form (Excel) Child Form (Excel)
Adult Goals (Word)

Data Chart Instructions (Word)


File Box Method for the Even Start Compliance Document 

Each Oregon Even Start program creates a compliance document to demonstrate that the program is meeting federal requirements. Some programs use notebooks. Others have created electronic portfolios on CD. When Olga Cobb, Salem Even Start coordinator, created her compliance document, she used a file box with color-coded hanging files and folders. The file box method can be easily updated with new documents, plus she doesn't have to punch holes in brochures or student work. She created labels with one element of the Oregon Even Start compliance document on each label. She has agreed to share her labels in case others would like to use them or adapt them. She said she used PRES-a-ply #30584 labels that are 3 1/3 x 4 inches.


Even Start Intake Form in Spanish


"Intake form in Spanish Carolina Blanco has agreed to share a Spanish version of an intake form she developed for PCC Outer SE Even Start."



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