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Karen K. Brees Ph.D.


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Updated 9/2/04

Northwest LINCS Region Showcase Web Sites

Idaho Building Big

Building Big, an Internet curriculum by PBS examines structurally and historically how tunnels, bridges, domes, and sky scrapers are built. The Idaho LCSC has created a class outline for using this curriculum. Great science site!

Oregon ESL Family Literacy Curriculum

An Outcome-Based Curriculum Guide for ESL. 

(LINCS Pilot Site)


Oregon Integration of Technology in Even Start

Curriculum and activities to integrate technology in Even Start Programs. Eight ready-to-use lessons. 

(LINCS Pilot Site)


Montana Technology Integration Curriculum

Math, Language Skills, Science and Reading online curriculum using the Internet as a resource. 

(LINCS Pilot Site)


Wyoming Math Project

GED Math lesson plans, worksheets, and online hands-on students activities. Pre and post GED math tests are found on this site. (LINCS Pilot Site)


Wyoming GED Transition to College

Eleven Video Workshops online to help GED and ABE students transition from GED and ABE classes to college level courses. (LINCS Pilot Site)


Alaska EL-Civics Internet Activities

Eight Internet activities for EL-Civics with instructor and student comments. (LINCS Pilot Site)


50 Useful Education Websites from the NW LINCS Site

Education sites found on the NW LINCS Site that are useful, categorized by learning area: Math, GED, Language, Science, Reading, Life Skills, ESL/EL Civics, Family Literacy.


LINCS Regional Technology Centers


Midwest LINCS


Midwest LINCS Showcase


Kansas Technology Competencies & Curriculum

Technology competencies within the four technology levels to determine if the skills learners should master and performance-based pre- and posttest Technology Competency Checklists to record observed learner performance and measure technology proficiency with detailed lesson plans to accompany the Technology Competency Checklists.



Web-based resources designed, built, and linked to competency-driven/topic-related curriculum. The Wisconsin Online Resource Center project is a Web-based teaching, learning, and assessment resource center for instructors to use when designing or revising online courses.

Southern LINCS


Southern LINCS Showcase


Video Center:

   Families First Adult Education

   Teacher's Inquiry Projects


This is the "On" Button

The Introduction to the Personal Computer: This is the ON Button curriculum incorporates ALL of the computer literacy essential IGOs through level four (4), and includes many of level five (5) IGOs. This curriculum was designed as a pre-requisite to Internet for the Absolute Beginner.


Learning Skills Curriculum

Learning Skills: A Comprehensive Orientation and Study Skills Course Designed for Tennessee Families First Adult Education Classes is a learner-centered curriculum that incorporates KSA's (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and EFF standards into each lesson. The curriculum was developed through the Center for Literacy Studies, University of Tennessee in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

Western LINCS


Western LINCS Showcase

CNN Resources

The Learning Resources site offers web-delivered instruction using current and past CNN San Francisco bureau and CBS 5 - KPIX (CBS Broadcasting) news stories.


Easy Voter

The Easy Voter Guide Project is dedicated to the idea that all people should have access to nonpartisan information about the why, how and what of voting and other forms of civic involvement.

Eastern LINCS


Eastern LINCS Showcase

LINCS Online Tutorial

Online tutorial showing how to use the LINCS Network.

From Canada


Northwest Territories Literacy Council

Family Literacy, Adult Literacy and resources for the Adult Education Classroom. This site has many interactive activities for students. It includes a monthly interactive newsletter for students.

From England


BBCi Skillwise & WebWise

Web-based resource from England's BBC for adult learners.

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