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Karen K. Brees Ph.D.



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Software & Web sites used by NW Adult Education Programs  

Software listings are for information only and are not linked to the Internet. All Websites are live links. If your program would like to add to this list please send the information to Karen K. Brees 

The below listing was compiled by Mitchell Baird                   

ESL Websites ESL Software ABE Web Sites ABE Software


  • Oxford Picture Dictionary

  • Action English Pictures 

  • Rosetta Stone

  • Triple Play Plus

  • English Discoveries

  • Quick English

  • Ellis

  • Sound Sentences

  • CPI English Series

  • Grammar Mastery

  • Learning English Electronically

  • Citizenship

  • Dilemma in the Workplace

  • ESL Cafe

  • Spell It Deluxe

  • English Tutor

  • Live Action tutor

  • Pronounciation Power

  • Side by Side

  • Focus on Grammar



  • Mavis Beacon

  • Contemporary GED

  • CCC Destinations

  • Skillsbank 4

  • Type to Learn

  • UltraKey

  • How to Read
    for Everyday 

  • Math for Everyday

  • Writing Process

  • Skills Bank 5

  • Turbo Math

  • Paragraph Punch

  • Cloze Plus

  • GED Interactive

  • Grammar Mastery

  • Inspiration

  • WinWay Resume

  • Reader Rabbit

  • Glenco



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