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NW LINCS Integration of Technology Workshop







15 minutes





4 Methods of Integration

 Models for Integrating Technology

Guide to Integrating Technology into Basic Skills

15 minutes

Group Break out

What do you do now?

What technology is available to you in the classroom?

What would you like to do?

How comfortable are you teaching using technology?


15 minutes

Report on Group Discussion


15 minutes

Method 1

Computers as Curriculum

Basic Computer Concepts

NW LINCS Computer Classroom

Visual Computer

West Virginia - The On Button



15 minutes

Method 2

Technology as an enhancement for curriculum

English for All/Learning Edge

National LINCS Multi-Media Site - Hot Sites

Multimedia Sites - English for All

Hot Sites - Learning Edge



30 minutes

Method 3

Technology as a tool in curriculum

The use of Microsoft Office

NW LINCS Teacher Resources Page

NW LINCS Microsoft Lesson Plans

Templates found in Microsoft Office - Teacher Toolbox



1 hour  

Method 4 -

Technology as a delivery system for curriculum  


NW LINCS GED Online Classroom Guide

PBS - - GED Connection

ESLPage - WorkPlace Essentials

Virtual Classroom - Management


Method for limited or no  Computers in the classroom

NW LINCS Online Computer Guide

Gather data for use in the Classroom

Effective Technology Integration 



Evaluations & Thoughts


Washington Evaluation

NW LINCS Evaluation



Additional Practice Pages for Students 


More Sites

NW LINCS Student Study Place


NW LINCS GED Classroom

NW LINCS ESL Classroom

Thank You!! :) 


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  • Share current practices of integrating technology in the classroom
  • Explore existing materials for use in basic skills classrooms
  • Learn about successful models for integration of technology and basic skills

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 Four Models for Integrating Technology

  • Technology as Curriculum
  • Technology as Delivery Mechanism
  • Technology as a Complement for Instruction
  • Technology as an Instructional Tool



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