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NW LINCS Barriers to Technology Survey Results

Link to Barriers Survey Online

Survey Results: Count/Mean Survey Results LINCS System
Survey Participants Technology Use:
Email 54
Internet 56
Word processing 54
SpreadSheets 38
Database 29
Other: 14
  Mean 1 2 3 4 5
1. There is a lack of computers in the classroom. 3.20 8 14 11 10 16
2. There is a lack of computer curriculum available. 3.00 9 16 9 14 10
3. Computer integration is not included in the textbook or materials used by the program. 3.16 8 15 3 20 10
4. There is a lack of Internet access in the classroom. 2.93 14 13 11 9 14
5. The structure of the classroom(one on one, group) does not allow use of technology. 2.39 19 19 4 8 7
Education System:
6. The education teaching paradigm is slow to change. 3.51 8 6 10 18 17
7. Knowledge within the education structure as to technology and its uses is limited. 3.08 9 12 11 19 8
8. Funding for Adult Education classes does not provide for technology in the classroom. 3.24 7 13 9 10 15
9. Education administration does not support the use of technology in the classroom. 2.17 15 26 6 3 4
10. Do not have enough time to prepare for using technology.  3.60 3 12 9 18 18
11. Are uncomfortable using technology in the classroom. 3.09 8 12 8 21 6
12. Lack knowledge of how to use technology in the classroom. 3.38 6 12 5 21 12
13. Student motivation for using technology is low. 2.05 21 24 9 6 1
14. Are independent learners and do not like to use technology in a structured classroom. 2.02 17 28 8 5
15. Do not have the skills to use technology in the classroom. 3.07 7 14 9 22 5
16. Is designed to be user friendly and does not require training. 1.90 24 24 5 5 1
17. Changes so fast it is impossible to be up-to-date for training. 2.88 3 24 10 17 3
18. Is relatively immature in the growth cycle so training has not caught up with the technology. 2.98 5 17 13 16 5
19. Using technology is too complex in the classroom. 1.95 16 30 5 4
20. There is enough instructional material already for the ABE Classroom. Technology based material is not needed. 1.98 20 11 7 3 2


Open End Questions about the LINCS System:

Do you use NW LINCS?   Yes (45)  No (9)

Do you use National LINCS?  Yes (14)  No (24)

Are you aware of My LINCS?  Yes (10)  No (32)

Have you registered for My LINCS?  Yes ( 5)  No (35)

Have you used the LINCS System in your classroom?  Yes ( 16)  No ( 22)


What is the most useful feature on the NW LINCS Site? 

·         Lower level instructional programs

·         All, it depends on the need at the time

·         I read it but do not 'use' it per se........

·         All of it. I spend a lot of time exploring ideas from other teachers and other states, love research

·         Lesson Plans

·         I enjoy the Tech. Resources that are listed! All stuff for ESL students and instructors is good.

·         Read all of it

·         I've checked it out now and then and even had a few students try it, but as a rule i do not refer to it. I liked the site on grammar; thought the explanations and exercises re the use of the semicolon were very good. Would probably check it out more often if I had more time.

·         Lesson Plans

·         ESOL and GED sites

·         All of the information offered is very useful. Since the demise of the /families That work Program at Bates CTC, This site and others on the Internet is my only way of hearing what is happening in this and other areas. My schedule is so overwhelming teaching 16 integrated classes a day (defined by NRS standards) and a pilot online project (Math 070/073) I have no time to meet with staff at school. This site and others are essential to my research for distance learning information and practices and keeping me updated on embedded and integrated teaching methods and activities. I have been assigned each quarter with an addition of a new major project in each of these areas. With relatively no support, time, or funding the administration expects delivery of materials to their respective clients or students using these techniques. I use your site as well as others' to gain information and ideas to create these classes.

·         Teacher resources

·         Variety of classroom activities and resource links

·         The ESL sections

·         Student activities, links to other literacy-related sites

·         Web sites for interactive student learning, games, and activities

·         ESL teacher tips

·         I use a lot of the site so to say what is the most useful is difficult. I do know that my students like the student study place.

·         ESL Activities

·         Finding lesson plans and ways to integrate technology. to find sites where students can do independent learning. Sometimes it's difficult because some of the sites offered, you have to pay to be a member or are difficult to find usable materials. I definitely appreciate LINCS!

·         Being able to see what other states are using and the connections for the programs.

·         The ABE Math Classroom

·         This site has grown and provides valuable ideas and facts.

·         Lesson plan suggestions - games - curriculum material 

 What other resources would you like the NW LINCS Project to provide?

·         Support and connection for individuals that get disconnected from the loop by funding issues. A communication site to ask questions and receive information more or less from the horse’s mouth in an unfiltered fashion.

·         More independent student friendly resources

·         ESL Online Courses for teachers and students

·         Learning style inventories

·         I have several students who are really hung up on Pre-algebra and I see a need to have more hands on or work related activities that show the use and need for learning it. Real world applications so it does not just seem like read and regurgitate all the time.

·         Maybe a tutorial on how to teach study skills, if one does not already exist. I'm thinking of the sort of thing that a student could go through step by step.

·         Easier search capabilities

·         I would like more emphasis on high school completion subjects

·         Be more specific as to academic levels

·         Rate the programs offered - maybe 1-5 stars, etc.

What is the most useful feature on the National site?

·         The same as above and the free web materials for my online course. Thank you! Other levels of the pilot math online project at bates received money for modules and could require books for students. I was instructed to construct my own materials. How time consuming!!!!!! I wouldn't have made it without the virtual manipulatives and tutorials offered through these and other sites.

·         Teacher resources

·         Facts & statistics re: literacy

·         Research and reviewing the regional activities and ideas from the different regions

·         Workplace information

·         The site is wonderful, I appreciate all the resources

·         Lesson Plans

Other Comments:

·         My online is functioning. I am using all these sites every night to improve the online class as students related what's hot and what's not as they work through the online activities. My student's and I am learning a tremendous amount about the endless learning opportunities accessible through the Internet. Last quarter's students and this quarter's also have worked many hours developing this class. Together we have created an excitement about online classes and learned through the development stages many technological, mathematical and problem solving skills. Using a constructive approach to teach I saw nearly 2 levels of growth in the student's casas post scores that I was lucky to capture last quarter. Plus, the interpersonal growth as the students took responsibility for creating a successful project. But watching the pride and growth in levels of confidence was my greatest joy. Very difficult to measure, but easy to see. eff hopefully will be able to aid ways of documenting these most important competencies. I just wanted to share these achievements I saw beginning last fall and continuing through today. My students are proud of their contributions to this new learning world. Without access to these site this wouldn't have been possible. Thanks from my students and I.

·         Thank you for a great web site!

·         Thank you for providing LINCS. It's an invaluable resource for ABE teachers (who choose to use it).

·         The Hillyard site classroom for Family Literacy students (room #127) needs more computers to serve all students. Most of the time the computer lab is being used by other students in the afternoons.

·         Computer Labs are adequate for ESL students



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