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LINCS Coordinator

Karen K. Brees Ph.D.


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About Us

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Purpose - Goals - Services - Staff
State Specialists - Steering Committee - Acknowledgements

The Northwest LINCS Project is located in Moscow, Idaho. The region comprises 7 states: Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah. Each state has a state specialist that helps gather information for the LINCS Regional Technology Center. The purposes and the goals of this project are listed below. Our funding is provided by a grant from the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL).

Overall Project Purposes:

  • To have the greatest impact possible on the literacy community
  • To improve professional development and instruction
  • To integrate technology into teaching and learning
  • To raise awareness of LINCS

Project Goals:

  • Build partnerships and collaboration among and between states and agencies within the region
  • Facilitate communication and community building within the broader literacy community
  • Enhance the knowledge base through sharing quality materials created within the region
  • Market the LINCS system and resources
  • Manage Northwest LINCS efficiently and effectively.

This project provides the following services:

1. Training for the LINCS system

2. Training and support for web development

3. Training for professional development

4. Help integrating technology into literacy learning

5. Discussion lists

6. Discussion Web for Projects

7. Mini-grants are available for partners of the Project

8. Research for integration of technology into learning

This list is by no means complete. We try to help in all technological areas needed by the region. Call us with a question. We will be glad to be of help.


Karen K. Brees - Email
LINCS Coordinator

State Specialists

Wyoming -Stacy Lynch-Newberg

Montana - Norene Peterson

Utah - To be determined

Washington - To be decided

Alaska - Arva Carlson

Idaho - To be determined

Oregon - To be determined

Steering Committee

Wyoming - Jamie Anderson

Montana -Norene Peterson

Utah - Shauna South

Washington - Kristin Ockert

Alaska - David Alexander

Oregon - Cathy Lindsley

Idaho - 


We would like to thank Paul Heavenridge and Cheshire for all the work they have done to get us up and running. Along with their busy schedule in their region, they have taken the time to see that the NW LINCS is operational. Thank you Paul & Cheshire!!


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