Step 3:  Revising




        To investigate and practice revision form, technique and strategy



        To demonstrate more effective writing through the use of systematic revision methods



  1. Print this topic list.  Do not read it right now!   You can use these topics to practice elements of the writing process, including revision.

  2. Complete Writing Process Step1- Pre-Writing activities

  3. Complete Writing Process Step 2- Drafting activities

New Instruction:

  1. Read the following articles on the elements of drafting effective writing. 

  2. Complete at least one exercise for each article.  

            You will need writing paper and a pen or pencil.

            If you need a writing topic, use one from your printout (see above).

  3. Take notes and create examples for your future reference. 

        Revision tips and exercises:


        Proofreading strategies:


        Proofread your work (checklist of questions):


        Evaluating a paragraph (checklist of questions):


Feedback and Review:

Use specific revision technique for two classroom writings.  Afterwards, show your notes and revised draft to your instructor for feedback and discussion.  

        How did using these techniques affect your writing experience? 

        How will your writing change when you focus more on effective revision?

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


1.      Apply elements of effective revision to writing formal letters and for clearly organizing discussions, arguments, meetings, etc. 

2.      How does being thoughtful and organized BEFORE these activities change the outcome?


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