Essay Writing Practice

Your “Living More Lightly” Profile




·        To develop awareness of, and evaluate, environmental impact of current personal practices and habits


·        To practice planning, drafting, and editing the five-paragraph essay




·        To compare and contrast current practices and habits with practices recommended to lessen individual impact on the environment


·        To improve effective writing skills through systematic use and review




·        If necessary, review the components and structure of a Five Paragraph Essay.

  ·        Be sure to address EACH step in the writing process as you complete this exercise

        (Step 1 - Pre-Writing, Step 2 – Drafting, Step 3 – Revising, Step 4 – Editing).  Review as



New Instruction:


Complete this checklist to evaluate your current personal impact on the planet.  Be sure to read all directions and record at least five areas you may be able to improve upon.  Print or record your results. 

Click here for the checklist:  tHE lIVING mORE lIGHTLY pROFILE 

Click on the articles / lists below to find specific improvements related to the areas you chose above.  The goal of this activity is to help you brainstorm general ideas and specific examples for a practice essay. 

Compose an organized and thoughtful essay on the following topic. You may use your assessment checklist, results, topic area list, and any notes you have taken while doing the above exercises.


Do you feel your personal impact on the planet is low, medium, or high?  Why? 

Give specific reasons and examples for your opinion.

Feedback and Review:

Share your essay with your instructor or a fellow student. 

Discuss, and write down, at least five changes you can make to your current lifestyle based on results from your self-assessment.


Based on above feedback, receive additional instruction and practice with specific essay writing skills  listed on the MT LINCS Writing Skills main page.  Click here for the MT LINCS Writing Skills.

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

Using your essay from above, evaluate each step in the writing process.  Are your current methods of essay writing effective?  In what ways could you continue to improve?


How can you modify your experiences and lifestyle to lessen your personal impact on the planet?   Take action!

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