Stress/Test Anxiety




·        To develop awareness of strategies for stress and anxiety reduction

·        To compare current practices with recommended strategies for stress and anxiety reduction 




·        To create a personalized stress and anxiety reduction “Toolbox” of change lists and useful exercises or strategies

·        To implement chosen strategies for at least one week and note improvements



  1. Complete, score, and print this stress vulnerability questionnaire

  2. Now complete, score, and print this test anxiety questionnaire .

New Instruction:

  1. Read this article on stress reduction.  Print or write down three strategies that would be helpful to remember.  Click here:

  2. Read this article on test anxiety & stress reduction.  Print or write down three more helpful strategies specifically for testing situations.  Click here:

  3. If necessary, use these articles to add to your list of test anxiety strategies



  4. Read, print, and practice this stress reduction exercise Click here

  5. Review the following articles on stress reduction and relaxation.  Print, or write down, and practice, at least three of the recommended exercises. 



  6. Compile a Stress & Anxiety  “Toolbox”  (folder or file) with your assessment results, printed or written changes and strategies lists, exercises, and any notes you have taken while doing this assignment.

Feedback and Review:

  1. Teach three strategies from your “Toolbox” to a fellow student, co-worker, or family member.  This will help you remember what you have learned! 

  2. Discuss with your instructor at least five changes you will make to help reduce your stress or anxiety. 

  3. Practice five changes or exercises from your lists for at least a week.   After one week, note improvements, or look for more helpful suggestions from your lists or these websites.

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

Using your Stress and Anxiety “Toolbox”, closely evaluate at least two aspects of your life that create unhealthy stress.  For each of these life areas, determine five useful strategies to help you cope more effectively.  Practice these strategies for at least one week.  How does using these strategies affect your feelings about others?  About yourself?


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