Reading as a Study Skill




·        To investigate and practice the SQ3R method of effective reading

·        To increase awareness of effective reading techniques and strategies




·        To demonstrate more effective reading through the use of systematic reading methods and strategies




Think about how you typically read classroom or study material.

Write answers to the following questions:

1.      Do you read from top to bottom without stopping?

2.      What do you do when you come across an unfamiliar or difficult word?

3.      When you get to the end of a paragraph or page, do you remember what you read? 

4.      Do you read everything at the same speed?

5.      Do you take notes on what you read?

6.      Do you read, or create, comprehension questions before you do the reading?


New Instruction:

  1. Read, and take notes on, this article about the SQ3R reading method.  Write down all main steps and any notes that will help you apply this process.  You may want to print the article for future reference.  Click here for the article:

  2. Next, read this article concerning reading difficult material.  Keep a list of at least three strategies you do not currently use when reading.  Click here for the article:

  3. Practice the SQ3R reading method and strategies for reading difficult material on this article titled “Suggestions for Improving Reading Speed”.  Click here for the article:

Feedback and Review:


Use the SQ3R reading method and strategies for reading difficult material for two classroom assignments.  Afterwards, discuss your experience with your instructor for feedback.  

  1. How did using these skills affect your reading experience? 

  2. How will the quantity and quality of remembered information increase?

 Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


Apply a systematic approach to any type of reading you do, in or out of class.  Using a standard reading method will increase comprehension and reading speed, as well as “train” your brain to stay organized and focused.


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