Evaluating Your Current Study Skills, Habits, and Environment




·        To develop awareness of, and evaluate, current study practices and habits

·        To determine effective study practices




·        To compare and contrast current study practices and habits with practices recommended for effectiveness

·    To improve study habits based on individualized modification of environment, duration, and practices



On the top of a piece of paper, answer these questions:

  1. What are study skills?

  2. Why are good study skills important?

New Instruction:

  1. Complete these checklists and questionnaires to evaluate your current study skills, habits, and environment.

  2. Print or record your results for each assessment. 

  3. For each exercise, record at least two specific study skills topic areas for improvement. 

  4. Read this article on 17 tips to study smarter.  Click here: http://www.yk.psu.edu/learncenter/acskills/studyskl.html

  5. Create a list of at least five strategies you plan to implement.

  6. Compile a “How I Study” portfolio (folder or file) with your assessment checklists, results, study skills topic area list, and any notes you have taken while doing these exercises.

Feedback and Review:

  1. Share your portfolio with your instructor or a fellow student. 

  2. Discuss, and write down, at least five changes you will make to your current study practices based on results from your self-assessment.

  3. Based on your results from the above evaluations, receive additional instruction and practice with specific study skills topics listed on the LINCS Study Skills main page.

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

Using your “How I Study” portfolio, evaluate each topic you are trying to learn (in or out of class).

  1. Are your current methods of studying this topic effective? 

  2. How can you modify your experiences so you can learn more effectively?

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