Practice Social Studies Tests



        To become familiar with the formatting on the GED Social Studies test.

        To observe the type of problems one may see on a Social Studies test.

        To practice taking a Social Studies test.

        To increase knowledge and problem solving skills in the Social Studies arena.

        To increase vocabulary and reading comprehension for the GED or other educational goals.


        To complete practice Social Studies tests


Before taking the practice Social Studies tests, you may want to complete the activities available on the Social Studies home page.  Click here .


New Instruction:

For practice tests:

  1. Click here: .

  2. Click here:

  3. Click here:

Feedback and Review:

For trivia questions, click here

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

The official practice test of the GED is sponsored by Steck Vaughn.  You must register at their site;  registration is free.  Once you register, you may take their practice GED Social Studies testClick here


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