Political Cartoons



·        To recognize a political cartoon

·        To identify the main idea, symbolism, exaggeration, and caricature in political cartoons

·        To analyze political cartoons dealing with current events

·        To increase vocabulary and reading comprehension for the GED or other educational goals


·        To complete a worksheet on analyzing political cartoons

·        To complete a practice Social Studies test


To see a history of political cartoons, click here:  http://earlyamerica.com/earlyamerica/firsts/cartoon/.

New Instruction:

To learn how to analyze a political cartoon, click on the sites below:

  1. http://go.hrw.com/elotM/0030526671/student/ch07/lg1407284_287.pdf

  2. http://nieonline.com/niecftc/cftc.cfm  and the click on Click here to download the lesson in the current week’s lesson.

  3. http://school.newsweek.com/extras/2003cartoons.php

Feedback and Review:

For more practice, click on the sites below.

  1. Cartoon lesson -- Click here:  http://cagle.slate.msn.com/teacher/

  2. Analyzing a Thomas Nast cartoon -- Click here:  http://historymatters.gmu.edu/mse/sia/cartoon.htm

  3. Dr. Suess Went to War -- Click here:  http://orpheus.ucsd.edu/speccoll/dspolitic/

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

Analyze political cartoons from current events -- Click here:  http://cagle.slate.msn.com/politicalcartoons/


When you have completed all of the available instruction in the American History, World History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government, and Charts and Graphs areas, you are ready to take the practice tests.  Click here http://www.nwlincs.org/mtlincs/pilotproject/socialstudies/practicesocialstudiestests.htm for Practice Social Studies Tests.


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