American Government



        To understand how American government operates

        To gain knowledge of the three branches of American government

        To increase understanding of civics

        To develop an appreciation for a democratic style of government

        To increase vocabulary and reading comprehension for the GED or other educational goals


        To complete a practice American Government test

        To complete a practice Social Studies test


For a guide to American government, click on each of the following links.  Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of each page for more information. 

NOTE:  To help you go through the activities below, click here to download a Note-taking Guide.  Once you have finished completing the Guide, click here to download the Answer Key.

  1. Our Nation --  Click here:

  2. The Declaration of Independence -- Click here:

  3. The Articles of Confederation -- Click here:  

  4. The Federalist Papers -- Click here: 

  5. The Constitution of the United States -- Click here:  

  6. Rights of Citizens:  The Bill of Rights -- Click here:  

  7. The Emancipation Proclamation -- Click here:  

  8. The Gettysburg Address -- Click here:  

  9. Branches of Government -- Click here:

  10. How Laws are Made -- Click here:

  11. National Vs. State Government -- Click here:

  12. Election Process -- Click here:

  13. Citizenship -- Click here:

  14. United States Government Glossary -- Click here:

New Instruction:

Now that you have seen an overview of American Government, let us look at some sections more closely. 

  1. The Declaration of Independence -- Click here:

  2. About Elections and Voting -- Click here:

  3. An Outline of American Government -- Click here:

  4. The United States Constitution Online -- Click here: 

  5. The United States Government Primer -- Click here:

Feedback and Review:

  1. Justice Learning:  Civic Education in the Real World -- Click here:

  2. The White House:  Government -- Click here

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

When you have completed the American History studies, you may want to take a practice test.

1.      American Government 1 -- Click here:  

2.      American Government 2 -- Click here:  

3.      American Government 3 -- Click here:

4.      American Government 4 -- Click here:

5.      American Government 5 -- Click here:

6.      State and Local Government -- Click here:  

7.      Citizenship Test 1 -- Click here:  

8.      Citizenship Test 2 -- Click here.

When you have completed all of the available instruction in the American History, World History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government, and Charts and Graphs areas, you are ready to take the practice tests.  Click here for Practice Social Studies Tests.


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