To be introduced to basic concepts in economics

        To develop an understanding of basic economic terminology

        To learn about the global economy

        To increase knowledge and problem solving skills in the economics arena

        To increase vocabulary and reading comprehension for the GED or other educational goals


        To complete each module of the economics unit

        To correctly complete a quiz on each module of the economics unit


Students should read material about basic economic principles.  This material is found in any basic GED preparation book.

New Instruction:

1.            Economics introduction -- Click here:

2.            What Is Economics? -- Click here:

3.            Money -- Click here:

4.            Industry -- Click here:

5.            Banking -- Click here:

6.            Needs and Wants -- Click here:

7.            Goods and Services -- Click here:

8.            Supply and Demand -- Click here:

9.            Capitalism and Socialism -- Click here:

10.       Stocks and Bonds -- Click here:

11.       Credit -- Click here:

12.       Economic Interdependence --Click here:

13.       Commerce -- Click here:

Feedback and Review:

1.      What Is Economics quiz -- Click here:

2.      Money quiz -- Click here:

3.      Banking quiz -- Click here:

4.      Needs and Wants quiz -- Click here:

5.       Goods and Services quiz -- Click here:

6.      Supply and Demand quiz -- Click here:

7.      Capitalism and Socialism quiz -- Click here:

8.      Stocks and Bonds quiz -- Click here:

9.      Credit quiz -- Click here:

10. Commerce quiz -- Click here:

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

Click here  for more links to additional information about economics on the Internet.

When you have completed all of the available instruction in the American History, World History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government, and Charts and Graphs areas, you are ready to take the practice tests.  Click here for Practice Social Studies Tests.


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