Charts and Graphs




        To identify titles and labels for charts

        To read and analyze information from charts and graphs

        To construct charts and graphs

        To increase knowledge and problem solving skills

        To increase vocabulary and reading comprehension for the GED or other educational goals




        To complete a Graph and Chart activity

        To complete a Graph and Chart quiz

        To complete a practice Social Studies test




For an overview of different types of charts and how to read them, click here:


New Instruction:


1.      To learn how to make different types of graphs and maps, click here: .


2.      To practice making a graph, click here:


Feedback and Review:


1.      To practice reading charts, click here:  Be sure to do the activity, factsheet, test, and worksheet.


2.      For a look at examples of each type of chart and when to use it, click here:


3.      To see how to analyze a chart, click below.




Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


1.      To create your own graph using government data, click here:


2.      Review with quizzes on tables, bar graphs, column graphs, line graphs, and circle graphs, click below.




3.      When you have completed all of the available instruction in the American History, World History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government, and Charts and Graphs areas, you are ready to take the practice tests.  For practice Social Studies tests, click here


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