Internet Scientific Equipment/Virtual Electron Microscope


Log on to the above site and click on “Virtual Electron Microscope”.  This is located under materials and requires a Flash 4 plug-in.  Write one interesting fact about the specimen after it is identified correctly.



1)         Specimen 1

            Red Blood Cells

            Facts will vary


2)         Specimen 2

House Spider Eyes

            Facts will vary


3)         Specimen 3

Skeletal Muscle

            Facts will vary


4)         Specimen 4

Housefly Mouth

            Facts will vary


5)         Specimen 5

Bone Cells

            Facts will vary


6)         Specimen 6

Human Hair

            Facts will vary


7)         Specimen 7

Immune System Cells

            Facts will vary


8)         Specimen 8

Insect Spiracle

Facts will vary


9)         Specimen 9

Daisy Anther

            Facts will vary


10)      Specimen 10


            Facts will vary


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