Scanning Electron Microscope




·        To develop an understanding of how a scanning electron microscope (SEM) works.

·        To increase knowledge and problem solving skills in the science area

·        To increase vocabulary and reading comprehension in the science area for the GED or other educational goals




·        To correctly complete the worksheets

·        To correctly complete the online quizzes and test found on the websites.




Although this is not necessary, read material about the scanning electron microscope.  This material is found in any basic science or GED preparation book.


New Instruction:


1.      Sites are listed in content order.

2.      If a site has a worksheet attached, print worksheet then click on site.

3.      If no worksheet is available, click on site and take good notes.

4.      After completing worksheet or reading through the site, take the online quizzes or test (if available).

 Note:  All note-taking activities have no answer keys.

Webpage Title/Content

Grade Level




Teacher created worksheet

Online test, quiz or interactive activity

How the Scanning Electron Microscope Works

(Print the worksheet questions and then view the following lessons.)



6 -12



Click here for note-taking worksheet.



No answer key.


The Virtual Electron Microscope

(Print the worksheet questions and then click on the “Virtual Electron Microscope” found under materials.)






Click here for worksheet.


Click here for the answer key.



Feedback and Review:


After completing the worksheets and/or the test (if available), have the teacher verbally quiz you over the material.


Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


Review the initial material (from the website), and retake the online test or quizzes (if available) in a week.


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