Internet Biology/Cells in the News/Stem Cells


Log on to the above site and click on “Watch the Segment”.  After watching the segment, click onto “The Cloning Process”, and answer the following questions.  If there is a down arrow at the bottom of the left-hand corner, click until done.


1.         What kind of cell was used for this demonstration?




2.         How do they hold the egg cell steady for the surgical extraction?




3.         What is the zona pellucida?




4.         Define an “enucleated” egg




5.         How is an unfertilized egg activated?




6.         Name and define the three parts of the blastocyst.




7.         Define the term “passaging”.




8.         Define the term “feeder cells”.




Click on “An Alternative to Cloning” and answer the following questions.


1.         What is “parthenogenesis”?




2.         Why hasn’t pathenogenesis received much attention from the research community?




3.         How are these eggs different from fertilized eggs?




4.         Would this possibly be a way to sidestep a lot ethical concerns?




5.         Would everybody be able to benefit from parthenogenetically activated eggs?




6.         What in your opinion is the biggest stumbling block to this type of research?




After completing this set of questions take the interactive poll found in the section “Should We Allow Cloning for Stem Cell Research?”


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