Listening and Reading Comprehension

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To listen to and read current event stories on CNN Learning Resources




To complete comprehension activities in the following areas:



To practice listening skills in a shorter form, click on one of the following categories that best matches your listening skills:  

·        Beginning Listening Activities I

·        Beginning Listening Activities II

·        Low Intermediate Listening Activities

·        Intermediate Listening Activities

·        Advanced Listening Activities

New Instruction:


1.                  Print this page so that you do not have to keep clicking back for directions.

2.                  To go to Learning Resources, click on the following address:

3.                  Click on the CURRENT STORY.

4.                  Then click on STORY.  (The Abridged Story is a shorter version.)

5.                  Click on  and listen to the story while you read it.

6.                  After reading the story, click on so that you can see the movie while you listen to the story one more time.

7.                  Complete the following activities on the computer:







At any time you may key in a word in the “Look up the word” box and then click Search.  It will then give you a definition.

Look up the word...


Feedback and Review:


Complete  the following activity:


Title of the Story                                                                                                 

·        What was the main idea of the article?

·        What main points were made in the article?

·        What is your opinion regarding the topic?


Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:









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