Listening and Reading Comprehension

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·        Learn to use like to, want to, hate to, need to.

·        Learn how to find a job or get a better job.




·        The student will correctly use the simple present tense with the verbs want, need, like and hate + infinitive to express personal wants, needs, likes, and dislikes (e.g., She likes to play soccer.).


·        The student will also learn job vocabulary via listening and reading.




Click here to review verbs in the present tense




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Feedback and Review:


·        Use like, want, need, and hate followed by an infinitive (to + verb).

o       I like to study English.

o       I want to learn more English.

o       I need to learn English to get a job.

o       I hate not having a job. 

·        Click here for some more practice with present tense verbs:



Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


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