Directions for Downloading Free Programs


Your computer will need to have the following programs in order to "hear" and "see" the information on the sites.  If it does not have these programs, you may download them for free.  You will need to know what operating system your computer uses.  For example, are you using MAC OS, Windows 95, Windows 98, ME, Windows 2000, or XP?


Follow the directions below.





Beginning Listening Activities I

Beginning Listening Activities II

Low Intermediate Listening Activities

Intermediate Listening Activities

Advanced Listening Activities



      Click here  to get the free program.  Then be sure to choose Download the Free RealOne Player toward the bottom of the page.


English for All

 Macromedia Flash Player




Adobe Reader


Click on the buttons or words above in order to download the free programs needed for this site.


CNN Learning Resources


 See the directions above.




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