Context Clues
        To identify context clues
        To use context clues to determine word meaning
        To correctly identify examples of context clues
        To correctly define words through the use of context clues
Words or phrases around an unfamiliar word which can help you understand the meaning of this new word
are called context clues.  If you learn how to use these clues, you can save yourself a trip to the dictionary, 
increase your vocabulary, and improve your reading comprehension.  For an introduction to context clues,
click here: .
New Instruction:
For a slide show on words with multiple meanings, click here: .  
Go through the slide show and do all three activities.  For more practice with context clues, 
click here:  Read, answer the questions, and check your answers.    
Feedback and Review:
Now that you have learned to be more aware of the words around unfamiliar words and to use them as clues 
to find the meanings of unfamiliar words, you are mastering the skill of context clues.  Pay attention as you read 
and see how often you use this skill.  
For a review test, click here
Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:
During your reading, highlight each unfamiliar word and use context clues to determine the word's meaning.
Add these new words to a personal vocabulary list, and use them to make them part of your vocabulary.

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