Math Placement Test Preparation










  1. Quick review on Algebra I and an interactive quiz, click here  Click on “Visit site”. 

  1. Interactive multiple choice questions, click here and complete the “03 Operations” and “07 Patterns and Functions” sections.  If you cannot correctly answer 16 of the 20 questions in each section, go to the New Instruction below.

  2. To see some Algebra Study Tips, click here .


New Instruction:

1.      Solving algebra problems instruction (Introduction to Algebra), click here  Short and sweet.

2.      Basic Algebra site, click here

3.      Algebra lessons on many topics, click here and complete all the topics needing review.  There are multiple pages in each lesson.  To return to the Lesson Index, click on “Lessons”.

4.      More Advanced Algebra explanations, multiple examples and practice problems, click here

5.      College algebra tutorial site, click here  This site covers concepts of algebra, equations and inequalities, functions and graphs, and exponential and logarithmic functions.

Feedback and Review:

  1. Algebra and geometry topics review, click here a.cfm.  Go through each of the Math Home Page topics listed below and complete the lessons (L) and the practice (P). 

·        Mathematical Reasoning

·        Numbers and Numeration

·        Operations

·        Modeling/Multiple Representation

·        Measurement

·        Uncertainty

·        Patterns and Functions (Note the calculator instructions)

  1. Practice algebra worksheets, click here  Complete as many of the topics below as possible. 

·        Basic algebra concepts

·        Simplifying

·        Multiplication

·        Exponents

·        Advanced simplifying

·        Negative Exponents

·        Factoring

  1. Generate a worksheet covering the areas that you need to practice, click here

  1. Refresher notes on 15 algebra topics, click here

  1. Math worksheets with solutions in PDF format (Basic Math to Calculus III including logic and statistics), click here

  1. Interactive algebra problems, click here  Need browser that reads JavaScript and with Flash plug-in.

  1. Tutorials on Beginning Algebra, click here . 

  1. Advanced math site including a glossary, click here This is a higher level reading site.

  2. Algebra II instruction and interactive quizzes, click here

  1. Pre-calculus and calculus site (following review of Algebra I and II), click here

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


  1. Interactive Algebra skill review, click here .

  1. On-line Multiple-Choice Questions, click here and scroll down one screen.  Complete the 20 questions in each of the seven sections.

  1. Review test on Algebra I, click here

  1. Algebra quizzes on various topics, click here  Try the Algebra II quizzes for a challenge.

  Click here F to return to Math Homepage.