Equivalent Fractions




        To develop an understanding in building, reducing, and comparing fractions

        To practice building, reducing, and comparing fractions

        To become skillful in building, reducing, and comparing fractions as needed for the GED or other educational goals




        To complete correctly an exercise on building, reducing, and comparing fractions.




To do an on-line exercise on building, reducing, and comparing fractions, click here http://www.bbc.co.uk/apps/ifl/schools/gigaquiz?path=ks2revisewise/rw_maths02&infile=rw_maths02.  If you do not get all the questions correct, you will want to develop your understanding of building, reducing, and comparing fractions. 


New Instruction:

1.  To develop an understanding of building fractions, click here http://www.sosmath.com/algebra/fraction/frac3/frac36/frac36.html


2.  To develop an understanding of reducing fractions, click here  http://www.sosmath.com/algebra/fraction/frac3/frac33/frac33.html. 


3.  For additional instruction for reducing fractions, click here http://www.kidsolr.com/math/fractions.html.  Complete the Reducing Fractions section.


4.  To develop your understanding of comparing fractions, click here http://www.aaamath.com/fra.html.  Click each of the following pages, read the explanation and complete the practice.  Do 20 problems in each practice at 90% correct or better.   

        Comparing Fractions

        Equivalent Fractions

        Comparing - Like Denominators

        Comparing - Unlike Denominators


        Comparing Fractions and Decimals

Feedback and Review:

1.  To practice building fractions, click here http://www.mathbuilder.com/cgi-bin/m.cgi?FT=401&F=FOUR50


2.  To practice reducing fractions, click here http://www.math.com/school/subject1/lessons/S1U4L2GL.html#sm1.  Do Step 1 through Step 4. 


3.  To practice comparing fractions, click here http://www.visualfractions.com/.  Scroll down to Compare Fractions and complete both sections.  Read the instructions at the bottom of the page and complete correctly 20 problems at the top of the page and return here.  Return here and continue on to Transfer of Knowledge or Skills.

        Compare Fractions With Lines or Compare Fractions With Circles will give you instruction and practice in comparing fractions by asking you to choose the larger of the two. The concept of least common denominator is introduced.

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

1.  To complete a worksheet on building fractions, click here  http://www.mathbuilder.com/cgi-bin/m.cgi?FT=401&F=FOUR50


2.  If you do not get all the questions correct on each sheet, go back to:

        New Instruction:  

o       Activity 1 http://www.sosmath.com/algebra/fraction/frac3/frac36/frac36.html or

o       Activity 2  http://www.sosmath.com/algebra/fraction/frac3/frac33/frac33.html or

o       Activity 3 http://www.kidsolr.com/math/fractions.html or

o       Activity 4 http://www.aaamath.com/fra.html or

        Feedback and Review:  

o       Activity 1 http://www.mathbuilder.com/cgi-bin/m.cgi?FT=401&F=FOUR50 or

o       Activity 2 http://www.math.com/school/subject1/lessons/S1U4L2GL.html#sm1 or

o       Activity 3 http://www.visualfractions.com/.


 3.  When you have successfully completed this activity, go back to the math home page.


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