Place Value




        To develop an understanding of the place value names used in decimal computations

        To practice identification of decimal place values

        To become skillful in reading and writing decimal numbers as needed for the GED or other educational goals




        To correctly complete a worksheet of reading and writing decimal numbers



To create three worksheets on place values in decimal numbers, click here

  1. Complete worksheet 1 on reading and writing decimal numbers.

  2. Complete worksheet 2 on place values and place holders.

  3. Complete worksheet 3 on comparing and ordering decimals.

If you missed more than one or two on each worksheet, you will want to develop your understanding of reading and writing decimals.

New Instruction:

1.  To develop your understanding of reading and writing decimals, click here  Click on Numbers & Place Values. 


2.  Click here for the next instruction on decimal numbers.  Click each of the following nine pages, read the explanation and complete the practice.  Do 20 problems in each practice at 90% correct or better. 


Place Values

Place Values of Decimals

Place Values of Decimals

Naming Decimals

Tenths I

Tenths II

 Hundredths I

Hundredths II

Thousandths I

Thousandths II

Ten Thousandths

Feedback and Review:


Click here to review reading and writing decimal numbers.  Do Step 1 through Step 4. 


Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

1.  To create a worksheet on reading decimal numbers, click here


2.  To create a worksheet on writing decimal numbers, click here


3.  If you have less than 15 of the 17 problems correct for each sheet, go back to the following:

        New Instruction:

o       Activity 1 or

o       Activity 2 or

        Feedback and Review:

o       Activity


 4.  When you have successfully completed this activity, go back to the math home page.



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