Subject /Verb Agreement




        To investigate and practice Subject /Verb Agreement




        To demonstrate more effective writing through the use of correct subject -verb agreement




        To assess your current skill level, click here to complete a subject-verb agreement Pretest.

        To create a paragraph example of your current writing style and subject-verb agreement skills, click on the following exercise:

o       Your Writing: Classifying Things or People


New Instruction:


Complete the following activities related to various aspects of subject-verb agreement.  Each activity includes informative tips, examples, and related application exercises.  Be sure to review your answers and pay close attention to scoring feedback.


1.    Subject-Verb Agreement in the Present Tenses


2.    Subject-Verb Agreement with Was and Were

3.    There is, There are, and There Were


4.    Modifying Phrases or Clauses between Subject and Verb


5.    Indefinite Pronouns as Subjects


6.    Who, Which, and That as Subjects


7.    Compound Subjects


If possible, view this PowerPoint presentation on subject-verb agreement, .  Note specific items you find most challenging.   For additional practice, you may choose to complete all three quizzes on this page.  Be sure to review your answers!


Feedback and Review:


        Complete and score these following subject-verb agreement review and practice exercises.  Review specific usage rules if necessary.

o       Part 1

o       Part 2

        Complete this humorous activity for further practice: 

o       Fun with Grammar

        Using your warm-up paragraph, complete this exercise to review and practice your new skills.

o       Return to Your Writing


Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


        Apply accurate subject-verb agreement to all future writings.  Be sure to proofread your works specifically for errors of this type. 

        How does being more careful about subject-verb agreement affect the quality of your writing?


Note:  If you are a student in an Adult Education class, your instructor can request a password for you to complete a Mastery Test on Subject-Verb Agreement  by using the following form:  "Getting in Touch with Sentence Sense."


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