·        To become familiar with the rules that govern the use of nouns in well-written sentences

·        To develop basic skills in using different types of nouns in sentences




·        To correctly recognize different types of nouns in pre-written sentences




We use nouns constantly in conversation, whether we realize it or not.  Nouns are words we use to name persons, places, and things, which include things we cannot touch, such as ideas or beliefs.  Go to and print out the sentences with the missing nouns.  Complete the sentences with words that make sense to you in each context.  If the words complete meaningful sentences, you have used nouns in the blanks.


New Instruction:


Go to to become familiar with nouns and their usage.  When you feel ready, take the pop quiz that follows the information.  Immediate feedback is provided.  Goal:  at least 8 out of 10 correct.  Look also at the material about countable and uncountable nouns in   


Feedback and Review:


A noun is simply a word that names a person, place, or thing.  Nouns can be divided into two groups: proper and common.  Proper nouns, always capitalized, name specific persons, places or things, such as Dr. Martin, Lake Michigan or the Supreme Court.  All other nouns are common nouns, and are not capitalized.  Nouns may be singular or plural and change form accordingly in most cases.


Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


            Practice identifying nouns in sentences by clicking on the following site: .  Print out the “Noun Search” worksheet and underline the nouns as directed.  Answers are not provided, so ask your instructor to look it over for you when you are finished. 


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