To become familiar with the rules that governs the use of dashes in well-written sentences

        To develop basic skills in the use of dashes in well written sentences

        To practice using dashes in various writing situations




        To correctly recognize situations where dashes are used in a pre-written sentence

        To determine where and under what situations dashes should be used within various sentence situations




Click here http://cctc2.commnet.edu/grammar/marks/dash.htm.

Review the material to become familiar with dashes and their use in standard written English.  Upon completion for this review, take the quiz on dashes by clicking here http://cctc2.commnet.edu/grammar/quizzes/punct_fillin.htm.  Place dashes where they belong in each sentence.


New Instruction:


To receive additional instruction and practice on dashes, click here http://www.etap.org/langartsfiles/english/grades7-8/langart6/instruction5tutor.html.


Feedback and Review:

For further practice, click here http://cctc2.commnet.edu/cgi-shl/quiz.pl/punct_quiz.htm.

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


Click here http://etap.org/cgi bin/quiztest.cgi?languageartsgrades78lesson6practiceexercise65

for a final review of dashes.  If you do not have 4 of the 5 problems, correct go back to http://cctc2.commnet.edu/grammar/marks/dash.htm and review the rules governing the use of dashes.



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