To become familiar with the rules that govern the use of commas in well-written sentences

        To develop basic skills in the use of commas in well written sentences




        To correctly recognize situations where commas are used in a pre-written sentence



Many people become frustrated as they begin to study comma usage because it seems as if there are so many rules.  To help simplify the process, some people have been taught or even put a comma where they pause.  This, though, can create many errors because most people pause in different places when they talk. 


Mastering the comma rules makes both writing and reading much easier.  The websites in the New Instruction section offer several ways in which to review the rules.  One way may be more appealing to a learner than another.  Take a look at all of the websites to find which one works best for you.

New Instruction:

  1. Click here to review the basic rules and then take the quiz at the end.

  2. Click here to review more complex rules

  3. Click here to review rules in a PowerPoint presentation.  

  4. Click here to review another set of rules presented in a different format.

Feedback and Review:

Click on the activities below for practice using the comma.

  1. Activity #1 

  2. Activity #2 

  3. Activity #3

  4. Activity #4

  5. Activity #5

  6. Activity #6

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

1.  Click here if you need to review the rules.

2.  Now practice writing five sentences of your own using the comma.  Share them with your teacher.


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