To become familiar with the rules that govern the use of adjectives in well-written sentences

        To develop basic skills in using adjectives in sentences

        To practice using adjectives in well written sentences




        To correctly recognize adjectives from a pre-written sentence

        To additionally determine adjective order by arranging adjective order in various sentences




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Review material on this link to become familiar with adjectives and their usage. 


Upon completion of the review, take the quiz, Recognizing Adjectives, found at the bottom of this link.  Click on the adjectives, predicate adjectives and modifying participles found in the story provided.  Feedback on correct answers will be provided immediately.


New Instruction:


To receive additional instruction and practice on adjectives, go to for additional practice with adjectives.


Feedback and Review:


Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence.  For further review and practice, go to


Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


Click here for a final review of adjectives.  If you do not have 8 out of 10 problems correct, go back to


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