·        To become familiar with the rules that govern the use of adjectives in well-written sentences

·        To develop basic skills in using adjectives in sentences




·        To correctly recognize adjectives in pre-written sentences





Since adjectives are words that describe nouns and pronouns, we use them virtually any time we explain or give more information about something.  Go to and print out the sentences with missing adjectives.  Complete the sentences with words that make sense to you in each context.  If the words complete meaningful sentences, you have used adjectives in the blanks.


New Instruction:


Go to to become familiar with adjectives and their usage.  When you feel ready, take the pop quiz that follows the information.  Immediate feedback is provided.  Goal:  at least 8 out of 10 correct.


Feedback and Review:


Adjectives are simply words that describe or give more information about nouns and pronouns.  They can enhance and clarify your writing.  In most cases, adjectives come before the nouns they describe, but they can come after verbs, too, as in “the dessert is scrumptious,” and “they seem friendly.”  Most adjectives do not change form whether describing singular or plural nouns.  Note that words like “my,” “our,” and “your” are just adjectives that tell more about the nouns they describe.


Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

Sometimes nouns are used to form adjectives, which can then describe other nouns.  Go to to further apply what you know about adjectives and nouns.  Complete the “click and check” exercise that gives you immediate feedback.  

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