How to Write a Visual Presentation


Introduce how technical writing and design concepts contribute to the effectiveness PowerPoint presentations.


Apply technical writing concepts to the development of a PowerPoint presentation.


Review the following articles.  These concepts apply to visual presentations as well as to other types of technical writing in business:

New Instruction

·       Create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of your choice.

·       Use bulleted lists.

·       Be consistent in your use of the active voice.

·       Use simple and concise terms

Feedback and Review

·       Review these lessons for more information on how to create an effective visual presentation:

o        How to Design a Visual Presentation

o        How to Use PowerPoint

·       Have another student review your presentation for feedback on how you applied technical writing concepts.  If necessary, make the recommended changes.

·       View another student’s presentation and provide feedback based on what you learned.

Transfer Knowledge or Skills:

Present your topic to an instructor or classmate.


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