Timed Writings



       Improve speed and accuracy in keyboarding

        Increase vocabulary and reading comprehension


        Complete a 1 timed writing

        Increase the 1 timed writing score by two words per minute


        For Warm-up activity, click here:  http://www.typingmaster.com/index.asp

        Scroll down to:  Test Your Typing Skills:  Assess your typing skills with a free on-line typing test.

        Click on:  Begin Test

        Test Settings:  1 min. Strategic Alliances with Competitors WPM

        Click:  Begin

        Repeat Warm-up two times.

New Instruction:

        For new instruction, click here:  http://www.learn2type.com/

1.      Click Sign Up for Free

2.      Fill in required information: 

a.      Choose QWERTY Standard PC keyboard type

b.      Click Sign up for Free Typing Lessons

3.      Read Touch Typing Basics

4.      Click Begin Touch Typing Exercises

Feedback and Review:

        Continue at:  http://www.typingmaster.com/index.asp

       Retake the typing test to see how you are doing.  Work to improve your speed by two words a minute.

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

Try out the following sites for more online typing tutorials, tests, and games:






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