How to Use PowerPoint


       Understand how to use Microsoft PowerPoint

       Use this lesson as the third part of a series of three lessons designed to create effective visual presentations


       Complete the individual lessons assignments, if you have the workbook.

       View the Internet videos

       Demonstrate an understanding of how to apply PowerPoint features by conducting a presentation


         Watch the three videos in Lesson 23:

 New Instruction

Create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of your choice:

       Add three slides after the title slide

       Use a Design Template of your choice

       Apply a different layout to each slide:

o        Slide 1:           Title Slide

o        Slide 2:           Content Layout

o        Slide 2:           Text and Content Layout

o        Slide 3:           Text Layout

Feedback and Review

       Review these lessons for more information on how to create an effective visual presentation:

o        How to Write an Effective Visual Presentation

o        How to Design an Effective Visual Presentation

       Have another student review your presentation for feedback on how you applied the features of PowerPoint.  If necessary, make the recommended changes.

       View another studentís presentation and provide feedback based on what you learned.

 Transfer Knowledge or Skills

Present your topic to an instructor or classmate.


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