Introduced to the rules of proper manners when using email, listservs and the Internet

        Develop an understanding of basic Internet vocabulary

        Learn the rules of netiquette


        Complete a netiquette pre-test

        Complete a netiquette post-test


For a pre-test on netiquette, click here:

Click on Please Begin the Quiz.

New Instruction:

To learn the rules of netiquette, click here:  

Click on each link and read the description of the rules.

Feedback and Review:

For a post-test on netiquette, click here:

Click Please Begin the Quiz.

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

If you have an instructor, turn in your printed test when the score is 90% or better.

You are now ready to act appropriately as you use the Internet.  Check out the following links to learn more about Network Etiquette.


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