Microsoft Excel         



        Introduce students to spreadsheets

        Practice using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

        Increase vocabulary and reading comprehension for the GED


        View the Internet videos

        Complete the individual lesson assignments from Briefcase Excel 2002 Level I

        Create and Edit worksheets with formulas

        Increase productivity and learn basic computer fundamentals


Each lesson may have more than one video.  Make sure you watch all of them.

1.      Lesson 1 Creating and Editing a Simple Worksheet Click here:

2.      Lesson 2 Expanding on the Basics Click here:

3.      Lesson 3 Powerful Features and Automated Tools Click here:

4.      Lesson 4 Dates, Text Features, and Restructuring Worksheets Click here:

5.      Lesson 5 Financial Modeling and Absolute Cell References Click here:

6.      Lesson 6 Creating an Impact with Charts Click here:

7.      Lesson 7 Working with Large Worksheets Click here:  

New Instruction:

If you would like to complete exercises in a workbook, you can order them from:

Feedback and Review: 

For additional practice using MS Excel, click here:

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

To practice your new skills with MS Excel, click one of the following:



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