Set Up E-MAIL Account

Using Hotmail




Many employers today expect you to apply for a position via the Internet using the company web page or email.  Most all employers require that you use email for efficient communication.  It is to your advantage to become familiar with email terminology and confident using email for everyday communications.

New Instruction:

1.                  Open your Internet Explorer or any other Internet Browser.  Click on the blue E in the beside the start button on the task bar at the bottom of your screen.

2.                  Type in the address bar of Internet Explorer.

3.                  Click Sign Up.  Click Get It Free on the next page. Your screen should look something like this: 

4.                  Sign up for a new account.  Use the following for your login name:  NOTE:  You cannot have any spaces in an email address, so type an underline between your first and last name.  Click Check Availability and choose a new name until you find one that has not been used. 

5.                  Your password should be something you can remember easily but someone canít guess easily.  You must use at least six characters and a combination of letters and numbers is better than just one or the other.  Your password is case sensitive, so you must record if you use capital letters or not.  To the computer, Student is different from student or STUDENT.  You will need these to access your account in the future.

6.                  Record your login name and password inside your folder for future reference. 

7.                  Finish completing the form on the screen.

8.                  When you get a new screen and hotmail asks you to sign up for free newsletters, I encourage you NOT to check any.  These selections fill up your email account on a daily basis.  Click continue at the bottom of the screen.

9.                  I do not sign up for any of the featured offers either in an attempt to keep my mailbox free of unwanted mail.  Click continue at the bottom of the screen.

10.             Click the mail tab when you get to this screen. 

11.             Click New and send a message to your instructor to tell him/her that you have successfully signed up for a free email account.  This will allow your instructor to add you to his/her address book for future communication.  Email will not get to the recipient if the email address is not entered correctly. 

12.             Get an email address from two friends and send a short email to them.

Feedback and Review:

  1. Your instructor will reply to your email to let you know that he/she received your message.
  2. Check your email at least once a week to see if your instructor has sent a message or assignment.
  3. Now use your email to communicate with family and friends instantaneously. 

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

More email tutorials and information can be located at the following site.  Look at the tutorials that interest you and learn more email terms and tricks.


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