Send Attachments with Email



·        Students submit assignments to instructor using email attachments.

·        Students submit cover letters and resumes to prospective employers as attachments via email. 


Many employers today expect you to apply for a position via the Internet using the company web page or email.  Most all employers require that you use email for efficient communication.  It is to your advantage to become familiar with email terminology and confident using email for everyday communications.

New Instruction:

  1. Login to your email account and start a new message to your instructor.  Be sure that your instructor’s email address is entered correctly.  NOTE:  These directions are for students using hotmail accounts.  Other types of email accounts may work differently.
  2. Type Resume in the subject line.
  3. Click the Attach button and select File.
  4. Click the Browse button.
  5. In the Choose File window, select floppy disk or the drive or folder where your resume is stored.  Select your resume file and click open.
  6. Click OK.  The name of the attached file should now be listed under the subject line.
  7. Type a short note to your instructor in the message box and click send.
  8. YOU DID IT!!

Feedback and Review:

  1. For review, follow the same steps to send an email to your instructor with your cover letter attached.
  2. Now try to attach both your resume and your cover letter to the same email.

Transfer of Knowledge and Skills:

Review classified ads and web sites for companies in your area.  Find a job that you would like and email your resume and a cover letter to the company contact.  Send a blind copy (bcc) to your instructor.


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