·        To understand the stages of development children go through

·        To access information on parenting children

·        To implement more effective parenting skills for difficult children

·        To access local and national links for parenting information




·        To complete an effective parenting survey

·        To write out an effective parenting plan, based on the age of one’s children




Becoming a parent and developing good parenting skills is perhaps the greatest gift you can give any child.  It is an enormous responsibility and one that not many parents are not truly prepared for.  A starting point for parents may be to better understand their child and the process of development that all children go through as they grow and develop. 


Parenting Children 101:  For an overview of child development stages and a specific understanding of your child within these stages, click on


New Instruction:


There is a plethora of websites that can help you develop new understanding of best child-rearing practices.  The following have been reviewed as excellent resources with links to areas of particular interest for you as a parent:  


·        Parenting the Difficult Child

Go to for help in dealing with difficult children and some tips for management of these children for parents.

·        Parenting Children with ADHD or ODD

Go to for help in understanding and forming good behavior if you are a parent of a child with ADHD or ODD.

·        Parenting Children through Divorce

For single parents wanting information on the consequences of divorce and the immediate impact on children of all ages, go to an excellent resource to help with the transition to single parenting skills.  This resource is

·        Parenting Elementary Children (K-6)

There are two age-specific websites for help in dealing with elementary kids, particularly as it relates to discipline.    For help in helping your elementary age children, particularly with school tools, go to

·        Parenting “At-Risk” Teens

Another excellent site for help in dealing with your “at risk” teenager can be found at  It discusses schools, programs, residential treatment programs and more.

·        Parenting Skills for “New Parents”

This website is a must for new parents needing some assistance on what to do as a new parent.  No manual came with the new baby but this has excellent links to wonderful information.  Click on .

·        Parenting Skills for “Any Parents”

This website has been around for a long time and parent magazine is an excellent resource for staying abreast of contemporary parenting issues.   The strength of this website is its “customizing potential” to get at age and issue-appropriate information.  Click on


Feedback and Review:  (This example is specifically for Billings, MT, but something like this  could be done for any locality.)


The following state and local resources are opportunities for participation in follow-up activities and classes that can help you with the challenges of good parenting development.   Go to to access the ASK Directory and a link to many community resources. 


The ASK Directory also has a link to the Billings Adult Education Home page with a internet  link to the Pilot project.  Some programs have e-mail links already in place and others are being developed.  Until the following local community resources are linked by e-mail, their addresses and phone numbers are listed as a way to contact the agency for parenting classes and other parent-resource information.

Local Resources in Billings, Montana: 


Community Resources Alternatives

808 Grand Avenue

Billings, Mt.

Phone 656-2004



516 N. 32nd St.

Billings, Mt 59101

Phone 255-0540


Family Tree Center

1120 N. 30th

Billings, Mt. 59101

Phone 252-9799


Friendship House

3123 8th Ave. South

Billings, Mt 59101

Phone 259-5569


Young Parents Unite for Strength/HRDC

 3116 First Avenue North

 Billings, Montana 59103

 Phone 247-4756


Parent Connection

415 North 30th Street

Billings, Montana 59101

Phone 247-3727


Young Families

1345 Elaine St.

 Beartooth School

 Billings, Mt. 59105

 Phone 259-2007

New Learning Opportunities:


For future consideration and when your children get older, you may wish to access internet information for using technology that is safe and appropriate for your children.  You may find help with this challenge at to assist you on your parenting journey.


Another great resource can assist you in as a parent is Career Parent Magazine.  This information is available online you and your child.   This resource will help answer some questions about kids and their future.  It offers insights that help young people plot their career paths.  It is useful information, which you can access by clicking on .


Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


If you wish , you may take a survey to ascertain whether you may need to do further investigation.  This checklist is found at .  Good luck with parenting and thank you for taking the time to access this pilot project.  You have given your children a great gift.


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