Community Resources




  • To become aware of the vast array of community resources available in the Billings area, particularly those that make direct and mutual referrals to Adult Education  
  • To recognize the differences among the various self-help and support groups
  • To access information about community resources, including phone numbers, email (if available) and web site addresses




  • To implement a community resource access link with information that will assist in the development of an educational and career plan
  • To include community resource and access information for easy access to students enrolled in Adult Education
  • To be aware of and able to reference state and national support group resources




One of the best resources for accessing community resources is the Ask Directory.  You can go to it by clicking on or by seeking out a hard copy of the Directory.


Take a look at the Ask Directory published by Human Resources Development Council (HRDC).  Please note the alphabetized table of contents which categorizes information and referral programs under some generic headings for access to services.  These are arranged by topical categories that include children/youth through adult and seniors. 


Notice also the references to the 24 hour emergency/crisis help numbers.


 New Instruction:


The following lists of services contain phone numbers and quick references to agencies in the Billings community who are active partners in the referral process with Adult Education.  In other words, they are “partners in service” to Adult Education students.


Quick Reference for Services:  Partners in Adult Education 


  Health, Emergency Services:  Transportation, Housing and Food


·        Billings Food Bank:  Call 259-2856 or go to 2112 4th Ave. North.


·        Deaconess Hospital:  Call 657-4000 go to


·        Family Services:  Call 259-2269 or go to


·        Mental Health Center:  Call 252-5658 or go to 1245 North 29th St.       


·        Rescue Mission:  Call 259-3800 or go to 2822 Minnesota Ave.


·        Saint Vincent DePaul:  Call 248-1411 or go to 2610 Montana Ave.


·        St. Vincent’s Healthcare Center:  Call 677-7000 or go to


·        Salvation Army:  Call 245-4659 or go to


·        Yellowstone County Office of Public Assistance:  Call 237-0520 or go to .



 Substance Abuse Resources and Support Groups:


·        Alcoholics Anonymous (Including Al-Anon and Ala Teen:  Call 406-657-0776.


·        Angela’s Piazza Women’s Drop-in Center:  A support group for women.   Call 255-0611 or email


·        Deaconess Billings Behavioral Clinic:  Call 255-8550 or go to


·        Drug Free Schools-Family and Parenting Information:  Call 247-3728.


·        Gambling Recovery Center:  Call 256-1848.


·        Indian Health Board.  Call 259-3920 or go to,_inc.htm


·        Rimrock Foundation:  Call 248-3175 or go to


 Youth Services: 


·        A Montana Conservation Corps:  Call 248-7913 or go to


·        Big Brothers & Sisters:  A program that provides mentoring services for youth.  Call 248-2229 or go to .


·        Child and Family Intervention Services:  Provides assistance to families and children in crisis to help them access services.  Call 406-247-4652.


·        Family Tree Center:  Parenting and prevention programs for families.  Call 252-9779.


·        Job Corps:  An education and training program for economically disadvantaged youth from age 16-24.  Call 259-2322 or go to

·        Title I programs and youth homeless program with District #2.  Call 247-3700 or go to


·        Tumbleweed Runaway Program:  Provides services for families and youth.   Call 406-259-2558.


·        Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch:  Residential treatment program for youth.  Call 655-2100 or go to


·        Young Families Early Head Start Program:  Education and parenting skills for teen parents.  Call 406-259-2007 or email


·        Youth Dynamics:  Emotionally disturbed youth.  Call 245-6539.


·        Youth Services Center:  Temporary shelter and care.  Call 256-6825.


 Health Care Services: 


·        Community Health Center and Deering Clinic:  Medical and pre-natal care and support.  Call 247-3350 or go to .


·        Deaconess Billings Clinic Healthline:  Emergency care for adults and children.  Call 657-3900 or 1-800-325-1774.


·        Department of Health and Human Services DPHHS/ Child and Family Service Division Yellowstone County:  Call 406-657-3120 or go to


·        Family Services, Inc:  Emergency needs services based on need.  Call 259-5569 or go to


·        Friendship House:  Services including clothing, counseling etc. based on referral and need.  Call 259-5569.


·        Indian Health Board of Billings, Inc.:  Assistance to Indians for health care and assessment.  Mental Health, substance abuse, and preventative healthcare services are available.  Call 245-7318 or go to,_inc.htm .


·        Saint Vincents Healthcare:  Call 657-7000 or go to


·        Yellowstone City-County Health Dept.:  Comprehensive healthcare services.  Call 247-3202 or go to


Training  and/or Retraining Programs and Opportunities



·        Adult  and Community Education:  A school district #2 program serving the literacy needs of adults who wish to complete their formal high school education or prepare for post-secondary training.  Call 247-3710 or go to


·        COR Enterprises:  Provides assessment and work adjustment training for eligible participants.  Call 248-9115 or go to


·        Easter Seals Goodwill Working Partners:  Call 665-1395 or go to


·        Head Start:  Works with children and families of pre-school age children.  Call 245-7233 or go to


·        Job Service:  Placement services and career development opportunities.  Call 652-3080 or go to


·        Montana College of Technology:  Training programs of all kinds aimed at placement in a job within two years.  Call 247-3000 or go to .


·        Montana Migrant and Seasonal Workers Council, Inc.:  A program for migrant and seasonal farm workers.  Call 248-3149.


·        MSU-Billings:  A four year university that offers degrees in a broad spectrum of careers.  Call 657-2158 or go to


·        MSU-Northern Educational Opportunity Center (EOC):  Assistance with educational counseling, financial aid, scholarships and career training opportunities.  Call Michelle Gasek @ 247-3706 or email at


·        PLUK—Parents Lets Unite for Kids:  Works with families who have children with disabilities.  Contact 406-255-0540.


·        Project Challenge:  a program for displaced or dislocated workers.  Call 252-8513 or go to


·        Rural Employment Opportunities (REO):  A program serving migrant and seasonal farm workers in the training and placement in permanent employment.  Call 256-1140 or go to .


·        Vocational Rehabilitation:  Works with adults who have physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from getting or keeping a job.  Documentation and application information is required.  Contact 248-4801 to get an appointment.   Or go to


·        YWCA:  Provides vocational/educational assistance, daycare, transitional living assistance and counseling to eligible participants.  Call 252-6303 or email


Legal Services and Low Income Assistance


·        Montana Legal Services:  Provides legal services to low income clients on civil cases.   Call 406-248-7113 or go to


·        Montana Rescue Mission:  Provides emergency and temp services, including shelter for homeless.  Call 406-259-3800 or go to


 Housing Assistance


·        Housing Authority of Billings:  Administers low income and public housing opportunities.  Call 406-245-6391 or go to

·        Housing Division:  One of the best resources for housing assistance.  Go to  and click on housing programs. 


 Food and Nutrition Programs:


·        Yellowstone County Extension Service:  Provides information about good health and foods for the family.  Extended Food and Nutrition program is a part of this agency can make presentation or answer questions about child development and good nutrition habits.  Contact at 406-256-2828 or go to


 Senior and Elderly Programs


·        AARP Foundation Senior Employment:  A program to assist seniors with job development and placement.  Call 252-6512 or go to


 Veterans Programs:



·        Veterans Affairs Division:  Assists veterans and dependents with benefits, pensions and other service-connected benefits.  Call 248-8579 or email


·        Vets Center:  A program providing counseling, referral and services to veterans.  Call 657-6071 or email


·        VA Voc Rehab/ Department of Veterans Affairs:  Serves the training needs of veterans who have service connected disabilities.  Call 245-4734 or email or


 Corrections Programs:


·        Beta Alternatives/Alpha House:  A community based facility and program serving offenders in a variety of alternatives.  Call 259-9695.


·        Montana Department of Corrections:  Court ordered probation and parole supervision.  Call 896-5400 or go to


·        Women’s Correctional Facility:  A facility serving incarcerated women.  Call 245-2339.


·        Youth Services Center:  Emergency services and counseling.  Call 256-6825.



Beyond Local Programs


 State and National Support Groups:


A final link is to be aware of national support groups and organizations that can be helpful in addressing specific health care needs and the need for information.  Some of the most common and frequently used organizations are:


·        Aids Hotline Montana:  Call 1-800-233-6668.


·        American Cancer Society:  Go to


·        American Diabetes Association:  information and referral.  Go to


·        American Lung Association:  Help with smoking cessation and other lung diseases.  Call 1-800-586-4872 or go to


·        American Heart Association:  Call 256-3855.


·        American Red Cross:  24 hour disaster services.  Call 3453512 or go to


·        Big Sky Hospice:  Provides home care and grief support for families and individuals that are caring for a terminally ill patient.  Call 247-3300 or go to


·        Compassionate Friends:  Grief support for parents and siblings.  Call 255-1569 or go to


Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:


Searching on My Own:


Do an internet search by typing in a keyword to look up another significant national healthcare support group.  The following example is an excellent site to help manage anxiety in time of crisis.  The keyword that was typed was “mental health information”.   It takes you immediately to the following user-friendly site:


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